PopStroke is an experiential golf and casual dining concept merging a dynamic, technologically-advanced golf environment with food and beverage. Headquartered in Jupiter, Florida, PopStroke has a dedicated team of experienced professionals in the food, beverage, and hospitality fields. You'll find an expansive variety of craft beer, wine, ice cream, and food to enjoy on or off the course. PopStroke infuses technology within the golf experience to create an interactive and competitive atmosphere for all participants. Unique to PopStroke is the PopStroke App and jumbotron leaderboard.  Each guest keeps a PopStroke TaylorMade commemorative ball with their round of golf.

TGR Design and Tiger Woods will be responsible for designing the putting courses at all future PopStroke locations.


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Our PopStroke app is an interactive tool that adds to your experience. Using the virtual scorecard, you can track your group's scores and display them on the giant leaderboard. Register for events, view the menu, and more through the app.

Corporate events at PopStroke

The more you spend, the more you earn.

With every $1 you spend at PopStroke, you earn PopBucks! Once you get 100 "bucks", you'll score a $10 credit on your PopStroke account.

Popstroke course photo designed by TGR Design


Simply download the app on your smartphone, and you can start earning PopBucks immediately!

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